Top 6 Ways To Increase Customer Mobile App Purchases


Are you looking to increase customer mobile app purchases? If yes, here is how:

1. Create Hype Smartly

Create the hype through social media such that prospective customers will be afraid to miss out the excellent experience their friends are getting. You can provide limited period offers such as deals of the day, flash sales, and more exclusively for users of the app. Coming up with offers that are time-sensitive will create ‘fear of missing out’ effectively, and in-app purchases will spike. This strategy is beneficial as it is not limited to the sale of tangible goods.

2. Entice Web Visitors

The visitors of your website are prospective users of your mobile app. This is because they are already familiar with your brand and business. Enticing them with promotional offers can increase downloads and purchases. For instance, you can offer discounts and other incentives for clients who purchase through your mobile app. The more downloads you get, the more the money you make. If you want to have a high number of mobile app purchases, you need to understand the steps given here and it will just do the trick for you. Hence, consider them during your mobile app development process.

3. Use Geofencing

Use Geofencing

Localization concept can assist in increasing product purchases via a mobile app. For this to work, integrate location-based features and geofencing in your app. With the permission of your users, you can track their position through geofencing. When they move to a specific location, they can get push notifications customized to that area. For instance, when your customers are near a beach, you can push notifications to promote sales of products that are beach-related.

4. Utilize Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications have become popular to the mobile app market due to their excellence in communicating to users. Despite its similarity to text messages, push notifications have a higher engagement rate. Therefore, use push notifications to promote your mobile app campaigns. But because many notifications can annoy app users and result in the muting of notifications or app deletion, they should be used in a controlled and wise manner. Hence, ensure that push notifications are adding value to the user.

5. Provide Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program


Loyalty programs encourage users to buy more. Additionally, they make your brand stronger and increase the number of loyal customers. A loyalty program has client profile for every user, which has saved all their transactions. This record allows users to buy their favorite goods with a few clicks. Every time a user purchases an item they earn loyalty points. After the loyalty points reach a particular limit, clients can be rewarded in gifts or app money. The strategy will motivate users to purchase via your app and prevent them from going to competitors.

6. Checkout Process Optimization

Checkout Process Optimization

Clients usually want a safe and straightforward check out process when buying via an app. Hence, put effort in optimizing the process of checking out. A long check out process reduces the conversion rate. Every extra step in the checkout process reduces the chances of clients making in-app purchases.