Is Money Actually An Influencing Factor in Relationships?


Love makes life beautiful.

Money brings happiness.

Most of us would agree to either one of these statements, but not both. But the stark reality is that money does play a strong role in our romantic relationships.

At some point in our life, we all go through a phase where we feel that if we just have love, then we don’t need anything else in life. But the truth is, no matter how much we love our significant other, financial security or the lack of it can significantly alter the way we behave and potentially affect our relationships.


Our relationship makes us feel happy, loved and cared for. Making our partner gives us happiness and sometimes, we feel that our life revolves around keeping them happy.

The catch, however, is that in order to have a quality lifestyle, money is crucial. Even if you’re not into expensive gifts or exotic vacations, you need to have financial security at least for your normal lifestyle in order to be happy. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a constant struggle of trying to meet expenses.

So, if you’re wondering if money is a major influencing factor in a relationship, here is a list of common relationship problems that money may cause.

Negativity Associated With Lack Of Financial Security

Negativity Associated With Lack Of Financial Security

If you’re constantly struggling to make ends meet and paying bills on time, then as a couple, your life may seem to have some negativity. Of course, the support of our partner can make the difficult times more bearable, but there are times when we feel like we are missing out on life because of this constant chase for money.

Inequality In Income Or Earnings

Inequality In Income Or Earnings

Today, intentionally or unintentionally, people lean more towards choosing a life partner who makes the similar amount of money as them. Excluding gold diggers and other such extreme cases, people feel more secure and confident when they are with someone who makes as much money as them and if there is income inequality among the couple, this could pave way for ego clashes and insecurities.

Worry About The Future

Worry About The Future

If you do not have enough savings or financial security for the future, then the chances are you might put your future plans on hold till you reach that security. This could lead to arguments and other misunderstandings between the couple, leading to fights.

Misery And Longing Towards A Better Lifestyle

Misery And Longing Towards A Better Lifestyle

When we were young, we all had dreams of how we would live after we become adults. The lifestyle of top notch escorts of is as lavish as it gets. We had dreams about all the things we would do with the love of our life and how we would live. As we grow up, we realize that not everything is easy to attain because that world trip you were so sure you would do – it costs a hell lot of money. This realization could sometimes lead to miserable feelings.

Love is something that makes our life worth living. Our relationships are a big part of our life and they give our lives meaning. But having some savings in your bank account can lead you and your partner towards a secure future where you get to do things that you love, without having to think too much about it.

We’re not saying that money is everything. In fact, it shouldn’t even be a major part of your life. But always ensure that you have your goals set straight, spend your money wisely and save a portion of it.

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