Is Anxiety Causing Your Premature Ejaculation?


The issue of premature ejaculation is so common in society that there are plenty of jokes to go around about it. Those who suffer from this may not find it funny at all though. What they know is that it may cause a strain in their relationships with sexual partners.

One of the questions that many have about premature ejaculation is what exactly is the cause of it? Science does not yet know the entire answer to this question, but new insights have emerged that suggest that anxiety may be a part of the picture.

1. The Chicken And The Egg Problem

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The relationship between anxiety and premature ejaculation has a lot of the same characteristics as the chicken and the egg problem. One cannot know for sure if the chicken or the egg came first. One also cannot really know if they have premature ejaculation because they are anxious or if they are anxious because they have premature ejaculation.

2. Men Speculate On Why This Happens

Plenty of men point to performance anxiety that makes them particularly nervous when they get into bed with Toronto escorts. They make the case that this is what drives them to have issues with premature ejaculation. They get so worked up about having sex with someone in the first place that it causes them to end up finishing sooner than they had intended. That is all from first person accounts of this situation though, science has not been able to pinpoint data on this just yet.

3. Psychological Factors Are Believed To Play A Vital Role


For the most part, it is understood that psychological and emotional factors are the cause of premature ejaculation. This may in fact be the case. We have not yet worked out any kind of physical link to anything else, so it may well be mostly a factor of what is going on inside of the person’s mind.

Interestingly, emotions such as guilt and depression are believed to potentially be linked to premature ejaculation. Even real relationship problems may be connected to this issue as well.

4. How To Bring Down Anxiety Levels Related To Premature Ejaculation

There are a lot of behavioral things that a person can do to lessen the likelihood of having a premature ejaculation. Stopping and starting up again is something that many couples do. In other words, the stimulation of the penis is paused for a period of about thirty seconds or until it no longer feels like one is about to ejaculate. Then the couple can start again.

Practicing methods like this may bring down the chances of a premature ejaculation, and that helps to reduce the anxiety around this very subject.

5. Psychological Therapy

Some may benefit from psychological therapy to talk over these issues with a trained professional. There are doctors out there who have dealt with plenty of patients who have had issues with premature ejaculation in the past. They can help a new patient understand some of the psychology behind the experiences that they are having. This may help that person to no longer experience premature ejaculation at all.

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