Five Issues That Employment Lawyers Handle


The employment process is one that comes with its fair share of problems. These problems can lead to legal issues over discrimination, wage disputes, and a vast range of other complications. An employment lawyer handles these problems and is responsible for mediating employer-employee relations and court proceedings.

1. Workplace Discrimination

Unfair or unbalanced treatment of employees based on skin colour, sex, nationality, age, religion, and other traits makes up a large chunk of workplace discrimination. Other related offenses, such as harassment and inappropriate questions, can also fall under the category of discrimination within the workplace.

Employment lawyers offer guidance to clients on whether they are discriminated against at work, and look for evidence of any form of discrimination present in the workplace. Employers can also hire an employment lawyer to make sure that documents and conditions do not break any legal regulations.

2. Unpaid or Underpaid Wages

When an employer breaks a contract agreed upon by the employee, an employment lawyer is often hired to recover unpaid wages. These unpaid wages are found in paying below the minimum wage, by ignoring overtime hours, or by simply not paying an employee the agreed-upon wage.

In small cases where the amount of money unpaid is minimal, an employment lawyer is seldom called upon. In larger cases, when a significant part of wages is unpaid, a professional may have to resolve the issue. For further information, Levitt LLP has online resources available on their website.

3. Safety Issues

Depending on regional laws, employees may choose to sue employers for injuries caused by an unsafe work environment. Explicit negligence or cases where the employer was deliberate in putting workers in the path of danger are examples where a lawyer can make the case of negligence for a client.

Workers’ compensation clauses are usually inserted into agreements between employers and employees. These clauses tend to protect employers from any future injuries caused in the workplace.

4. Wrongful Termination

The dismissal of an employee without legal or authorized reasoning makes up many wrongful termination cases. When an employee presses charges against an employer, an employment lawyer will try to gain some compensation for their client. This compensation is in the form of job reinstatement, monetary gain, or other forms.

5. Miscellaneous Employment Disputes

There are many less-common forms of disputes that an employment lawyer can handle, many of which involve breaching of contract clauses by employers. Nonetheless, employment lawyers are capable of handling and representing clients in this field.

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