Can Long Distance Relationships Work?


We all know that one couple who were in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) for years and finally, ended up together forever. We see it and think they’re couple goals, that they are lucky because they found true love.

But in reality, long distance relationships are extremely hard. It takes a toll on the relationship and not being together in the same place physically can be quite hard for the couple. It takes two people who choose each other every day in spite of the difficulties, wants to be with only each other and trust each other to make a long distance relationship work.

Here are 5 important things that are mandatory to make a long distance relationship work:

1. Have Plenty Of Trust

long distance trust

A long distance relationship requires a lot of trust. If you do not trust your partner, then there is no way you can make an LDR work. In long-distance relationships, since you don’t get to spend time with each other and they do a lot of activities without you, it is easy to feel jealous of other people in their life. Trust is the key and doesn’t let jealous or insecurities ever come in your way. If you feel that your man is meeting with Toronto escorts, it just might be the long distance factor accumulated with a bit of insecurity. And always remember that even though they spend time with others, they would rather spend it with you.

2. Make Time For Each Other


This one is the key to any happy relationship, but with long distance, this is the most important thing. Even though you’re miles apart, talking to your partner and telling them about your day, video-calling, texting constantly makes them feel like they’re present in your life. This makes long-distance relationships less difficult.

3. Do New Activities Together

With today’s technology, it is easy to do fun things together though you may be in different places. Unlike the olden days where you had to wait for letters, today you can video-call, watch a movie together, play online games, etc. Make sure you set up a date night once in a while where you do things like dressing up and video-calling or other similar things that make you guys happy. There are also plenty of mobile apps that help long distance relationships do fun things together.

4. Understand That They Need Space

While constant texting or calling is good for an LDR, excessive communication is also harmful. Understand that your partner needs some time alone and do not get paranoid every time they say that they are tired and need to sleep or they are busy. Chances are, they are really busy or tired.

5. Be Honest About Everything


If you feel insecure or something in particular about their life away from you is bothering you, make sure you are honest with them about your feelings. This helps your partner understand what’s on your mind and work towards fixing it.

6. Plan Your Visits

While surprising your partner by visiting them may be unimaginably great, planning your visits, schedules and leaves may also be a great idea. This keeps you excited and counting the days till you can be in your partner’s arms again!

While long distance relationships are definitely not easy, knowing that this is only for a short while may help the couple cope up with the distance. If being together makes you happy, then these months/years of LDR may be worth it in the end, after all!

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