Backyard Landscaping Ideas on A Budget


Any gardener or seasonal landscaper will tell you that your landscape is more than just about putting together a few shrubs and trees. You’re required to put in some thought, research, planning, and hard work. A well-designed landscape will improve the look and feel of your curb and even raise the value of your home. A beautiful landscape doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to fork out quite a bit of cash. However, you can make the cost a bit more bearable with a little planning beforehand. Here are some timely backyard landscaping ideas on a budget.

1.      Go for Ground Cover That’s Easy to Maintain

 Go for Ground Cover That’s Easy to Maintain

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If you live in an arid climate, maintaining a lush lawn can put a dent in your wallet. You’ll struggle to keep your grass weed-free and green.  Many people deal with wedded and patchy lawns by re-sodding their yard. This costs quite a bit of money. It can cost you anywhere between 15 to 35 cents for every square foot. This cost can more than double if you use a professional installer. To maintain the grass, you will need plenty of water, weed treatment, and fertilizer. All these will only add to the cost.

A more budget-friendly option is to use lamium, bishop’s weed, or Thyme as ground cover. They’re easy to maintain and spread quickly to cover your backyard. Better yet, they remain healthy through all seasons. Maintenance is also much cheaper over time.

2.      Use Homemade Compost in Your Soil

Use Homemade Compost in Your Soil

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It’s easy to buy tons of potting soil in preparation for your backyard landscaping project. While it’s important to have the best soil for your plants, you don’t have to do it with soil alone. The cost of soil can add up especially if you have a big yard. It is possible to cut your soil cost by up to half by making compost using leftover organic scraps. Mix equal parts of compost and soil for a nutrient-rich mix.

If you don’t have time to create and maintain a compost pile, you might want to mix in other discards such as coffee ground or even the mud-or-clay-like dirt you can find in your backyard. This will allow you to bring down the cost of soil drastically. You can also go with mulch. It is still a much cheaper option than potting soil. You can get an expert at Royal Decks to help out with this stage. 

3.      Start off With Shrubs and Young Plants

Start off With Shrubs and Young Plants

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This is one of the most overlooks backyard landscaping ideas on a budget. Most people go for mature flowers and plants at the nursery due to their more appealing look. The only difference between a young plant and a mature plant of the same species is the price. However, you should avoid seedlings since they require more care and can die easily. You’ll save a lot of money going for younger plants and they’ll still grow into the beautiful mature plants you’re yearning for.

4.      Group Together Clusters of Planters

Group Together Clusters of Planters

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You can add visual interest to your backyard by putting clusters of planters together to add some depth and height. Terracotta planters are beautiful and go for anywhere between 5 to 20 dollars each. Put a group of three terracotta planters in one corner of your garden and put an arrangement of creeping plants and flowers to give the impression of foliage waterfall with the blooms spill over the edge into the garden.

Combine at least three plants with different profiles – horizontal (heliotrope or impatiens), vertical (fountain grass or upright fuchsia), and cascading (wave petunias or asparagus fern).


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