9 Home Made Gut-Healing Supplements You Probably Don’t Know About


Got a leaky gut? Most people have probably told you that it’s all about probiotics these days. While our intestines are designed to take in nutrients from food, it may not be getting all of the nutrition needed to have a healthy gut. You can even heal your gut with certain remedies and supplements.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Digestive Enzymes

Perhaps it’s just that the flora and fauna in your gut is not as strong as you want it to be. If you tend to feel sick after meals with bloating or inflamed bowels, then you should take digestive enzymes before eating and even after your meal. Some of the recommended enzymes include lactase, amylase, protease, and lipase.

2. Eat More Fiber

You can find fiber in a lot of fruits and grains. If you are a man, you should try to eat 38 grams of fiber pure day, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine. For women, the Institute recommends 25 grams per day.

3. Natural Collagen

All humans have collagen that naturally forms in the body. However, as you grow older, it tends to weaken and can be difficult to produce due to toxins in the body and your gut. You can eat eggs and fish to improve your collagen production.

4. Cure Burps with Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is a natural stomach acid. Most people believe that they have too much acidity in their foods, but it’s often that the opposite is true. If you find yourself bloated and burping a lot, you could probably use a hydrochloric supplement.

5. Licorice Root

Studies have shown that licorice root, a natural herb used in Chinese medicine for centuries, is a great way to cure problems with digestive fatigue.

6. Aloe Vera Plants

Having aloe vera around the house can be a real blessing. You can use aloe vera to help with toxicity, constipation, heartburn, inflammation, and production of healthy gut bacteria. You can turn into a powder or juice.

7. Peppermint

Want to make stomach pain disappear? Peppermint is a good way to do so. Studies show that when peppermint is combined with fiber, it can be really effective for diseases like IBS. You can also take peppermint oil with water or diluted with coconut oil for even more healthy results.

8. Turmeric

For decades now, people have been adding turmeric to food and juices. It helps with gut permeability, as well as improving the absorption of proteins in the bowel lining. If you ‘re eating 10 grams of turmeric a day, you’re bound to have a strong gut.

9. Probiotics

It’s probably the fastest and easiest way to get all of your healthy gut supplements in one. Studies have shown that gut permeability was reduced significantly with probiotic supplements. Since there are so many different types, you may want to talk to a doctor before starting a regiment that works for you.