6 Worst Foods For Your Metabolism


Metabolism! As the word suggests, How heated up is your metal to melt the food that you take in? In simple words, how good your Metabolism is to break down the energies from the food you eat.

A good metabolism rate depends on various factors, being fit tops the list and taking proper food comes next in the list, followed by good sleep.

Here’s the list of six worst foods for your metal or Metabolism, according to https://www.digestivecenter.com/ :

1. Junk Food

junk food

With the busy schedules of the modern lifestyle, junkie-junk food seems like the best option to keep the monster in our stomach satisfied. But when you go for junk food to full your tummy, the satisfaction level of your tummy increases and your metabolism level decreases. Taking in a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals is very essential to keep the metabolism rate good. The compromise with food to save a few minutes is the worst compromise you do. Avoid it.

2. Alcohol


Yes! Alcohol is not only responsible for your tummy’s growth, the glass of your favorite poison is destroying your metabolism as well. I am not asking you to avoid it but you can always make sure you don’t go beyond the limit of one or two shots. We all love hangover fun but this fun comes at a great cost, your metabolism decreases as you get high and high. Take precautions and keep yourself fit and your metabolism upright.

3. Soft drinks and Fruit Juice


The fruit juice that you gulp at any time of the day may be treating your taste buds but is severely decreasing your metabolic rate. The pulp-less juices easily available in the stores do no good for you other than treating your taste buds. One glass of no pulp orange juice in the morning serves you a whopping 22grams of sugar.

And your bowl of sweet cereal in the breakfast serves you another 20grams of sugar. Both combined makes a big quantity of sugar and such high sugar content slows down your metabolism and you get comparatively less energies off your food.

4. Frozen Food


The frozen food from the refrigerator lacks fats and calories. The cool air and the ice closes the pores of the food and it loses its calories, fats, and carbs. Having such food will only increase the body fats, excessive intake of such food can also make a person obese, and the metabolism of an obese, fat person is pretty low. We advise you to avoid the frozen food and go for fresh food instead.

5. Farmed Beef


Farmed beef decreases your metabolism because many times, the cattle is non-farmed and such cattle are often treated with antibiotics. Diets rich in animal protein aren’t good for humans because our digestive systems being delicate, they can consume and digest green foods/vegetables easily.

6. Inorganic food


Consumption of the foods produced with the help of pesticides and other chemicals not only harm your metabolism, but they also affect your body as a whole, slowing it down and putting it under chances of catching various harmful diseases.

The in-organic food should be avoided at all costs and the foods produced with organic farming methods should only be consumed, the intake of organic food will keep the metabolism balanced.