6 Reasons Why Men Tease Women They Usually Have A Crush On


Since time began, little boys tease any little girl that interests them. They may have no idea why they like the girl, so they direct their feelings into provoking any response they can. Since time began, little girls have no idea why little boys torture them by teasing. Often, little girls assume the little boy does not like them.

Fast-forward to adulthood. Men become better at disguising how they tease a woman they like. Women know that men tease them when he has a crush on her. Here are some reasons the little boy comes out of the man to tease a woman he likes.

1. They Enjoy the Game


  • Men enjoy games as much as women do. Often, men enjoy the banter that occurs when he teases a woman.
  • They enjoy seeing a woman’s reaction. Often, they want to see if she is a good sport.
  • Playing the “crush” game tends to have mutual players. Either person can throw out the challenge, but you only get a response when there is interest.

2. The Thrill of the Physical Risk

  • Men tend to do risky things to get a woman’s attention. Some do it, in part, due to the elevation in testosterone it brings. Some might even hire a girl from escorts Toronto to get your attention.
  • Studies found that young men performed increasingly risky skateboard tricks when a female they liked was present.
  • Men take more physical risks to show off in front of a woman they like than they do around other men. When two men like the same woman, a fierce competition may result as to who can drive faster than the other.

3. Teasing Provides A Reason for Exaggerated Emotion

  • When a man has a crush on a woman, his enthusiasm level increases,
  • A man feels exhilarated and laughs louder when his teasing evokes a reaction.
  • Teasing a female when he has a crush brings out a higher level of enthusiasm and a wider smile in the male.

4. Teasing Allows A Man Closer Proximity to the Woman He Likes

  • When a man operates in crush mode, he makes an effort to physically move closer to her.
  • Lighthearted teasing gives a man a good reason or excuse to be near the object of his crush. He may lower his voice, so she moves closer to hear what he is saying.
  • Occasionally, males jostle with one another to physically bump into the woman one likes. Often, this does not bring a positive response from the female.

5. Teasing Sends Signals of Flirting Versus Friendly

  • Overt teasing of the object of a man’s crush is one way he signals he wants to flirt with her rather than just being polite or friendly.
  • When a man gets in teasing or flirting mode, he tends to ask the female more questions and engage on a verbal basis.
  • Casual teasing makes it easier to find out if the female he likes is dating or involved with another person.

6. Teasing Increases A Man’s Vulnerability and Passion


  • When a man teases the object of his crush, he signals a willingness to trust her with his emotions and feelings. He becomes more vulnerable on an emotional basis.
  • When a man escalates the teasing level, it gives an excuse to ramp up his level of passion toward the woman he likes.
  • If all else fails, the man has a built-in excuse for further interaction with his crush if he must apologize for teasing her.

Teasing remains a generally accepted way for a man to convey his interest in a woman. When a man has a crush on a woman, it is far easier to send signals through teasing than simply telling her.