6 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs for Earning a Steady Income


More and more developers, designers, copywriters, content, and community managers, as well as other people of various professions, decide to give up the relative security of a permanent job and begin to work freelance. Or, maybe they cannot get the regular job, so they decide to create it by knowledge, resourcefulness, and persistence. If you are a freelancer, your office can be a kitchen table, a balcony, a coworking room, a library, a favorite cafe overlooking the sea, even a park. You do not have a boss who will hang over your head, determine where, when, how, and for whom to work, and you only need a computer, cell phone, and high-quality internet access. Of course, it’s not always milk and honey, and you should be ready for many obstacles that may come to your path, especially when you are a beginner in this way of working and living. But, with enough persistence, knowledge, good ideas, and constant work on yourself, you will see that being a freelancer nowadays is probably the best thing that could happen to you. What you should know is the fact that not every country is the same when it comes to freelancers, therefore, before you call the movers to help you with leaving your current place, make sure to read our article on highest paying freelance jobs for earning a steady income.

  1. United Arab Emirates

This part of the world has flourished in the last decade and became the center when it comes to business and finances, being the reason why freelancers here are among best paid, usually those who are in the IT sector. And the best thing, there are no income taxes!

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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong actually has income taxes, but they are not big at all, being one of the main reason why freelancers here may earn a steady income. Business, finances, IT, or anything that has to do with these fields is more than appreciated when it comes to freelancing.

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  1. New Zealand

We mention New Zealand and not the neighboring Australia, which is much more popular, but there is great reason for that. New Zealand is much cheaper, the Internet speed is higher, and it is much easier to register as a freelancer there.

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  1. The United States of America

I don’t think we need to explain it specifically why the USA is on this list, but we will just mention the fact the average salary of a freelancer in LA for example is $27.69 per hour, which is quite great!

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  1. Canada

Canada is also a great place for freelancers, and if you take into consideration that the average salary for freelance related jobs is $54,676 per year or $28 per hour, you will see that this is around 1.7 times more than the median wage of the country.

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  1. Bulgaria

This country may surprise you, but we put it on the list as one of the cheap options to live and work as a freelancer, and you should know that you may live much better here with your average freelancing salary, than in many other countries.

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