6 Compatibility Issues People Have To Deal in Relationships


Long-term relationships take work in order to make them last. What’s more, these relationships have to overcome trying compatibility differences in order to survive. What may seem like the perfect relationship at the start can easily become a relationship that both partners feel trapped in.

How Compatability Affects Realationships

No one can predict the future of your relationship, but you can get a sense of how a couple will grow together based on how they interact with each other now. If you’re uncertain how or even if compatibility affects relationships, read on.

1. Different Perspectives on Money can Damage a Relationship

Some people are savers and others are spenders. If you and your partner have very different ideas regarding finances, this is a tell-tale sign that your relationship will experience money-related stress. Ideally, you both will be able to find a middle ground, but in some cases, if both people have extremely different financial viewpoints, the couples find that they cannot make things work.

2. Couples with Different Types of Humor Fail to Find Common Ground

Different Types of Humor Fail to Find Common Ground

Laughing with your partner is an important way to strengthen your bond. However, if you both people find different types of things funny, you will find making conversation becomes a chore. In the worst cases, one partner’s sense of humor may be offensive to their partner. This level of incompatibility is hard to overcome.

3. Vastly Different Schedules Makes Spending Time Together a Challenge

While it is unlikely you and your partner will follow the same exact schedule, you probably both tailor your schedules to work with each other. However, if one person is a night owl and the other an early bird, they may eventually tire of trying to find time to spend with their partner.

4. Unmet Sexual Needs will Leave You Both Unsatisfied

Mismatched sexual needs are incredibly difficult to overcome. Despite the fact that both partners may be hot companions, if a couple can’t get things right in the bedroom, their future together is already bleak. Sexual compatibility can, of course, get better, but if the sparks aren’t there in the initial stages of the relationship, building anything else can be seemingly impossible.

5. Partners that Relax Differently Can Get on Each Other’s Nerves

Partners that Relax Differently Can Get on Each Other's Nerves

We all need quality time to re-energize and relax when we’re not working. However, couples that have vastly different methods of relaxing will find that it’s hard to spend their quality time with their partner. If one person likes to kayak on the weekends and the other just wants to stay in bed, this puts a damper on and limits the time spent with each other.

6. Different Lifestyles can Ruin Your Relationship

 Different Lifestyles can Ruin Your Relationship

Partners that live different lifestyles are already at odds with each other. It’s very hard for a gym addict to make a relationship work with someone that rarely works out. Similarly, if one person has a healthy diet and the other often likes to binge on fast food, both partners will find that this sort of incompatibility is hard to ignore.

Long-lasting relationships depend on far more than the initial attraction that brings two people together. Use these six truths to help you understand how compatibility effects relationships in the long run.

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