6 Common Mistakes That’ll Leave You in Tears If You Move All By Yourself


Relocation is fun. You get to live in different places and make new friends. The hard part is the moving process. Most people do it on their own and commit mistakes, some of which can reduce you to tears. Here are 6 of those common mistakes so you can learn and avoid them the next time you move house.

1. Leaving it till the last minute

There are dozens of things to take care of and packing will be your last priority which is a big mistake. Packing is something that involves quite a bit of forethought and advance planning, a process that should start at least 15 days before the moving date.

Apart from packing, you will also need to engage movers and if you contact them at the last minute you may find that one is not available or will charge a high price.

Remember Murphy’s Law “Everything takes longer than you expect”. It applies to packing too.

2. Disorganized packing


You do it on your own and compound the mistake by being disorganized and packing small and large as well as fragile items together.

The result is that when you unpack, putting the right pieces in the right places becomes a chore and, worse, you will find that some items are broken or damaged.

It is a good idea to take professional help as every frequent mover will point out. Movers, such as Matco movers, know all those things about safe packing that you do not and getting them to do it is good but if not, at least get their advice.

3. Not decluttering


The smart thing to do is to pick out essentials and non-essentials to carry along and dispose off the non-essentials.

If you do not, you could be spending a lot of time packing all of those items incurring additional moving expenditure in the process as well as the hassle of unpacking everything once you get to your new destination.

If your new home is smaller, organizing all those items would take a heck lot of efforts.

4. Not getting insurance

You know the mover is trustworthy so why bother with insurance is what you think which is not right. Get transit or liability insurance as well as insurance on the value of items you pack, especially valuables.

5. Not knowing your moving company

Picking the first name you come across can be a mistake when you choose a moving company.

Some are just agents and assign the task to another company, taking their cut and compromising on the quality of service.

Hauling companies may not use the right vehicle or they may take days to reach the destination. Meanwhile, you arrive first to an empty new home and spend days in frustrating phone calls.

It pays to choose only approved and registered movers belonging to a local association. You get a good quote and fast services.

6. Forgetting to pack in something you should have

Forgetting to pack in something you should have

Small items, especially jewelry and valuables, can get overlooked in the packing process. You only realize this when you arrive at your new house.

It is best to make an inventory of everything you are moving, pack them in boxes with appropriate labels and tick off items as they go into the box.

Just as frustrating is that you have packed in things that you need and then you have to unpack the box to find an essential item. It is better to put such essentials in a separate carry along bag.