6 Best Tips For Office Packing and Moving


Ever looked at all the things in your office and wondered how you were going to pack all of this and get it to the new place? Moving can be overwhelming, there’s always so much to do and so little time. Moving an office, especially, is a little more complicated because this involves moving delicate items like equipment, inventory, computers, etc. Additionally, moving an office also requires getting things done without disrupting the normal workflow of the workplace.

Sounds tricky, right? Moving an office or a commercial business indeed is.

Luckily for you, we have put together a list of 6 tips that will help you immensely when you’re moving your office.

1. Prepare A Detailed Schedule

Prepare A Detailed Schedule

A workplace usually has systematic processes and professionalism. So, why not implement the same in your office shifting tasks? Create a schedule or a timetable and a moving checklist listing all the tasks that have to be done before and after the move. Create strict timelines or deadlines for the same and ensure the work is moving as planned. Proper planning, execution and progress can make your move hassle free.

2. Plan Your IT Support Beforehand

Plan Your IT Support Beforehand

This is one of the most important things that you have to ensure before making your big move. Contact your network provider and get your Wi-Fi and other must-have facilities done before you shift your office to the new location. This ensures that your systems are not down and work goes on as planned.

3. Donate/ Dispose Of/ Sell All Extra and Unnecessary Things

Donate/ Dispose Of/ Sell All Extra and Unnecessary Things

Does your office have so many chairs which don’t really work? Or a room full of things that were useful in the past, but are barely touched anymore? When you’re packing for the move, if you come across such items, make sure that you get rid of them (in a profitable way, if possible. After all, we’re dealing with businesses here) before moving to the new place. Don’t carry junk to the new place. It only consumes precious space.

4. Pack Electronics Carefully

Pack Electronics Carefully

Computers, printers and the like have a lot of cables attached to them and if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to dismantle and deal with such stuff, make sure you contact the right people for it. Sometimes, messing up these cables can wreck your systems and cost you money. So, it’s always wise to get professionals like movers Matco to help in times of doubt. There are also lots of tutorials and information on the Internet that can help you pack your computers properly.

5. Label All Your Boxes

Label All Your Boxes

Though this may sometimes seem unnecessary or just another pointless work to do, in reality, labeling your boxes can be of tremendous help. This makes sure you know where things are and you have access over your belongings even If they are hidden inside boxes.

6. Form A Team

 Form A Team

If your move is scheduled in the very near future and there’s a lot to get done before that, it might be easier to have a dedicated team focusing on the tasks involved in making the move to the new place. This ensures that work keeps getting done and is not stagnated due to other factors such as employees are busy with project work, etc.

Moving does not always have to be difficult. It can be hassle free, stress-free and exciting as well! After all, you are shifting your entire business to a new place. What can make your every-day life more exciting than that?