6 Avoidable Common Rookie Plumbing Mistakes


Your home plumbing system is extremely important as it is responsible for moving clean water throughout your home. At the same time, hiring a professional to handle all of your plumbing needs can be very expensive. If you would like to save some money and do your own plumbing work, there are several tips that should be followed, that could help you to avoid some very common rookie plumbing mistakes.

1. Too Much Drain Cleaner

The first common mistake that many people make when it comes to fixing common plumbing problems is using too much drain cleaner.

While drain cleaner can help you to clear out some very minor clogs, it should be used sparingly. According to the Drain Rescue Plumbers, if you use it too frequently, or you use it when a clog is too big, you could end up making the clog worse and actually break your pipes.

2. Not Following Codes

When people are new to home plumbing, they also tend to ignore local codes. When you are trying to complete any type of plumbing job, it is important that you fully understand what the local codes are. If you happen to change your plumbing system even slightly, it could put you into violation. This could result in penalties and could make it difficult to repair.

3. Keeping Water On

One of the biggest mistakes that someone can make when completing a plumbing job at home is keeping water on when it should be turned off. If you are trying to fix a pipe in your home, it is important that you make sure all of the local water sources are turned off. If you do not, this could end up springing a leak that can result in a far more significant damage to your home.

4. Using Plumbing Equipment Incorrectly

Plumbing mistake

When you are looking to complete some minor repairs or renovations at home, it is important that you understand what all of the plumbing tools and equipment should be used for. Certain types of putty and calk are designed for very specific purposes. If you use them in the wrong fashion, it may seem like you have solved the problem, but you likely only found a temporary solution. Because of this, it is important that you have a full understand of what products and solutions you should be using at all times.

5. Ignoring Scope of the Repair

When you try to fix a problem at home you may also not fully understand the scope of the problem. While it may seem that you have unclogged a pipe, there could be more debris that is still sitting in the pipe, which will likely lead to larger problems in the future.

6. Not Know When to Hire

plumbing rookie

The last common plumbing mistake that many people make is not knowing when they need to hire outside support. While there are plenty of plumbing jobs that you can do on your own at home, some may require too much skill. If you are working on something that seems outside of your skill-set, you should always hire someone first before trying to do it yourself.