6 Amazing Ways To Woo a Girl Without Trying Too-Much


When wooing a girl, men often aren’t sure what to do. Many worry about how to impress her, wondering if they need to be or act a certain way. However, when trying to get the attention of the girl you like, all you need to do is be yourself.

How to Woo Her

By being yourself and treating her with the way you want to be treated you’ll find that the girl you are interested in is interested in you as well. Need specific tips for getting the girl of your dreams to fell for you? Read on.

1. Open Doors for Her

Opening the door

Men don’t always realize how much of an impact opening doors makes. When you are with a woman you are interested in, making a point to open the car door, restaurant door, or any other door, shows that you care enough to put her first. By showing your consistency in opening every door, she will start to trust and respect you more.

2. Be Positive

Be Positive

No one is interested in someone that isn’t confident or is unhappy. While you may not realize your attitude all of the time, your date certainly will. Be yourself, but be the positive and confident version of you. When she sees that you are a joy to be around, she will want to be around you more often.

3. Pay When You Take Her Out

Pay When You Take Her Out

Whether you go on a date to the movies or to the hottest restaurant downtown, taking the initiative to always pay is something any girl will notice. Hot companions, like your date, want to know that you will do anything you can to make sure she is taken care of, starting with the bill for the night.

4. Stay off the Phone

 Stay off the Phone

There’s nothing more off-putting than a guy that won’t get off the phone. No woman will want another date with a guy that spends more time staring at their phone screen than being with her. Consider putting your phone on “do not disturb” whenever you are spending time with your girl. By being engaged during every moment with her, she’ll be able to really get to know you and feel comfortable around you.

5. Introduce Your Girl to Your Friends

Introduce Your Girl to Your Friends

When a girl knows that you value her enough to introduce her to those closest to you, she understands how much she means to you. By getting to see who you spend most of your time with, she’ll be able to see and love every aspect of you.

6. Be Detail Oriented

Be Detail Oriented

You can’t really go wrong by paying attention to the little things. Make a mental note of every dislike and like she has, as well as the way does things. When she catches you staring at her throughout the day, she’ll be flattered that you are that attentive.

Getting your love interest to fall for you can seem challenging at first. Use these six tips to win your crush over in no time.

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