5 Worst Medical Malpractice Cases


Anyone who seeks treatment from a document reasonably expects a certain level of appropriate care. Most doctors do treat patients well and help them on a path to recovery. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with every patient. Doctors and other healthcare providers can sometimes be negligent when treating others.


The legal term for such negligence is medical malpractice. Many civil suits have been filed over the years as a means of procuring legal compensation for a doctor’s poor care. A few of those cases landed in the annals of litigation infamy. The following five cases may be the most well-known and worst examples of medical malpractice:

1. Andy Warhol


The legendary pop artist and NYC cultural superstar say his life cut short when he died in a New York hospital due to poor care.

Warhol was being treated for both gallstones and a hernia. During the necessary surgical procedure to address the ailments, Warhol was given too many intravenous fluids.

This led to the artist suffering a massive heart attack that killed him. The Warhol estate sued and received an $8 million settlement. Considering the celebrity status of Warhol, this case brought a great deal of attention to medical malpractice incidents and litigation.

2. Deborah Craven

Deborah Craven went into surgery at Yale-New Haven Medical Center to undergo the removal of cancerous portions of the ribs.


The surgeons not only removed the wrong part of the ribs but, according to the eventual lawsuit, an attempt was made to bring her back into surgery while covering up the initial botched procedure.


3. Catherine Reuter

Catherine Reuter

The sad case of Catherine Reuter shows that, sometimes, lack of careful attention to the equipment in an operating room might cause a catastrophe.

Reuter was undergoing a tracheotomy when a cauterizing tool ignited a disinfectant applied to her face. Reuter suffered severe burns that led to an infection and kidney damage. She died two years after the surgery.

In the aftermath of her passing, Reuter’s case led to increased awareness about the serious risk of surgical fires. Surgical fires are more common than commonly believed.

4. Alexander Baez

At one time, Alexander Baez achieved fame in bodybuilding as “Mr. Mexico.”

He gained a less-desirable level of fame when the became a patient of Reinaldo Silvestre, a “doctor” who was not even licensed to practice medicine.

Baez sought pec implants from Silvestre with the hope the implants would help his bodybuilding career. Instead, Baez was implanted with female breasts. Silvestre eventually faced criminal charges due to his actions.

5. Windell Davis-Boutte


Windell Davis-Boutte isn’t the patient in a malpractice case. She’s a cosmetic surgeon who recently made the news due to several malpractice suits filed against her.

The news media picked up on the malpractice lawsuits involving Windell Davis-Boutte because of videos recently made public.

In the videos, Windell Davis-Boutte is seen singing and dancing near patients in the operating room. The “music videos” of the “Georgia dancing doctor” do not exactly reflect the standard way to provide care for a patient.