5 Creative Ways to Protect Your Bike from Theft


We have not written this article to tell you how useful riding a bike is, but it would not be a bad idea to remind you of certain benefits when it comes to having one. First of all, health. Let’s be honest, this is one of the easiest ways to be physically active, especially if you are sitting all day at your job or university. The second important thing is definitely money. Buying a bike will not cost you a lot, especially considering the fact you may always buy it second hand. But, think about all the money you will save if you use it to go to work or wherever you need to go. And, you don’t need to think about parking spots. Of course, the bad thing about bikes is definitely the fact you cannot use it while it’s raining or snowing. Actually, you can, but it’s not that pleasant. However, what you should also know is that your bike may also be an interesting target for thieves. You cannot simply protect it the way you protect your house or a car, by installing an alarm, or calling a locksmith. But, there are many other ways, and we bring you some of them. These things will usually not cost you at all, and they are quite easy to be done. After going through our list, you will see that there cannot be a good excuse for being irresponsible when it comes to protecting it. Let’s read how to protect your bike from theft in some creative ways, that may even make you laugh!

  1. ‘Uglification’

Don’t laugh for this, this is a legit word! It simply means that, even if you have a great bike, with great performances, you make it look uglier and not attractive to thieves at all. There are many creative ways to do this, such as painting it in a very ugly color or putting some garbage things on it.

female beach cruiser bike leaning on yellow painted wall


  1. Alarm system

Yes, alarm systems are usually typical for cars and houses, but why do you consider your bike is not enough to install one? For example, you may consider using an alarmed, motion sensor padlock.

black city bicycle


  1. Industrial-grade chain

What we know about some heavy-duty, industrial-grade chains is the fact that they cannot be cut with everyday equipment. And, the best thing is, you may use more than one for the purpose of protecting your bike.

man wearing black pants riding white commuter bike


  1. Use SpyBike GPS Tracker

When it comes to modern technology, this is probably one of the best and most inexpensive ways to protect your bike. It functions quite simply. You just hide a device in your bike and it usually activated when you leave your bike, using the accompanying electronic key.

gray and black bike leaning on wall


  1. Lock it to something solid

No matter how you lock and protect your bike, if you lock it for something loose, that will make your bike an easy target for thief. This is why you should always pay attention to locking your bike to something solid.

road bike against wall