5 Countries With Most Car Accidents: Is Your Country in The List?


No matter where you drive, there’s always looms the risk of an accident. Human error combined with mechanical failures or bad weather may lead to fender benders and worse.

Whenever — and wherever — you drive, you must be mindful of the road. In certain countries, however, you should be even more mindful.

Five countries, in particular, continually find themselves on the list of places known for an incredible number of car accidents. Statistics do support the claims. Accurate records of accident reports don’t lie.

#1 – Namibia

Flag Namibia International South Africa

The University of Michigan conducted a study to figure out what locations credibly may be described as the most dangerous.

The country of Namibia probably wouldn’t be chosen as number one by people merely guessing the answer.

Researchers, however, reveal that Namibia easily ranks as the most dangerous location.

Infrastructure, however, isn’t the primary reason for the high accident fatalities. Aggressive driving remains the culprit. Sadly, this infers many of the car crashes could have been avoided.

#2 – Thailand

Thailand flag

Thailand certainly is a beautiful country. The traffic, however, can detract from the beauty.

In the major cities, a great deal of congestion and lack of right of way to pedestrians creates hazards.

In rural areas, the roads might not be modern nor in the perfect condition. And the entirety of Thailand experiences heavy rain at times.

All these things may contribute to significant risks on the road. Accidents can result.

#3 – Iran

Iran also ranks high on the list of countries known for a significant amount of traffic fatalities. The reason for the traffic deaths may prove shocking.

In Iran, one of the most popular vehicles on the market lacks airbags and antilock brakes. Without those two critical safety features, the chances of a fatal injury increase immensely in an accident.

Another factor contributes to road accidents in Iran: speeding. A significant percentage of accidents in the country are the result of drivers simply going to fast.

At high rates of speed, little time is left to react before a collision.

#4 – The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tragic and shocking news came out of the DR Congo when the presidential motorcade of leader Joseph Kabila was involved in a terrible mishap.

Five people lost their lives in the tragic accident.

Sadly, terrible car accidents are not uncommon occurrences in the DR Congo.

New reports about fatal accidents in the DR Congo seem to hit the news with alarming frequency.

Simply put, driving in this country comes with tremendous danger.

#5 – Venezuela

Venezuela, tragically, has become a country known for its consistently bad news. The economy collapsed and starving citizens continue to flee over the border into the neighboring country.

Among all this sad news, reports of the incredibly high car accident rate become overshadowed.

The collapsing economy doesn’t exactly contribute to an improved infrastructure, which makes the roads hazardous.

Crimes such as carjacking further decrease safety while driving.

Anyone visiting these five countries must be incredibly careful on the roads. To play it safe, be careful on any roads you travel regardless of where they are.