5 Best Fitness Apps For Android You Need To Install Right Away!


According to a survey from Canada’s Lander College, people who used fitness apps were much more active than others. Furthermore, they had a lower body mass index. The team believes that the chief reason is that people get their exercise routine organized when they use an app. If you are ready to start moving, then here are five Android apps to consider.

1. Zombie Run

Over three million people have downloaded the Zombies, Run! fitness app. Using a story written by Naomi Alderman, you are instantly submerged in a world where you are trying to escape from zombies.

You can choose to run, jog or walk to complete assigned missions and help a team survive the Zombie apocalypse. Each mission counts on songs from your own playlist to help you stay motivated, and you will often hear zombies breathing down your back as you maneuver to save yourself and your teammates.

The free version comes with four free missions each week and a new one is unlocked at the end of every week that you manage to complete all of your assigned missions. Users can also choose to upgrade to a paid version containing over 800 missions with new ones released regularly.

2. DietBet

If you are motivated by money, then DietBet may be the perfect fitness app for you. You start by joining a game where you pay a set fee. Many players join at the four percent weight loss level costing $35 and lasting one week.

If you can succeed in losing four percent of your body weight in one week, then you get your money back and money from all those who do not succeed. Participating is easy because you just submit photos of yourself online.

One photo has you dressed in regular street clothes with nothing in your pockets while the other photo shows your feet standing on the scales. According to the apps promoters, 653,912 people have participated with over 93 percent of them have lost weight.

3. Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker

If you are an Android user who loves to run, then you may want to try the Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker. This app that is fully compatible with Android Fitness Wear 2.0 allows you to set yearly running goals.

Then, you can see how well you are moving toward meeting those goals. Additionally, you can track how long you have had your running shoes so that you know when to buy more.

Map your running route so that you can try to beat your personal best time that is automatically recorded in the app. This app comes with a voice coach for the first mile, and you can join an online group for more support.

4. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout Challenge

If you are constantly on the move or do not want to invest in workout equipment, then the 7 Minute Workout app may be for you. This app uses 12 exercises that require no equipment to help you get or stay fit.

You do each exercise for just 30 seconds with a 10-second rest break in between. It is easy to see how to do each exercise by referring to the pictures on the screen. You also have options to record your weight and other activities.

Additional activities are unlocked after you use this app for a certain period. The great news is that this research-backed app is free.

5. Sworkit

With more than 25 million downloads, Sworkit has been named the number one fitness app by Florida University. You can choose between three fitness levels, and choose the areas of your body that you want to focus on most.

Over 50 workout routines are included or you can build one yourself. Most exercises come with a guided video helping ensure that you are doing them right. Furthermore, you can use the large timer to help you keep track of the time that you have been working out.

While each of these fitness apps for Android has their own focus, they have been tested to help get you moving, losing weight and creating a healthier you.