10 Household Chores that Can Be Done by Teenagers


Learning to be responsible should start from a very young age. The results are usually seen later, during school, or when children and teenagers become independent. Many of today’s teenagers have been overprotected by parents who have taken over all their responsibilities, from winding up an alarm clock to get to school on time, to picking them up after school, tracking school obligations, or cleaning their rooms. Growing up in such conditions makes teens and future adults unconscious of their responsibilities. At that age, and especially when they grow up, it impedes their functioning and adaptation to independence and even taking over the responsibilities of adult life. We all want our children to be happy and satisfied and it is nice to protect them from pain and frustration, but the child will become an adolescent and the adolescent will turn into an adult who must then be able to be an independent and responsible person. To help your teenager learn the responsibilities, the most important thing is to start on time. But even if you have made some mistakes, it’s never too late. That’s why we bring you the list of household chores that can be done by teenagers. Household obligations are one of the best ways to teach your children responsibilities, so don’t hesitate to give them certain tasks. Of course, we are not implying you should turn them into plumbersor electricians, but doing the dishes, vacuuming, and dusting are completely appropriate things to be done by a teenager. Let’s see!

  1. Clean floors

This is probably the easiest job for a teenager, but most of them don’t like doing it. However, it can be easily done, so may sure to create the habit.

person mopping the floor


  1. Replace ceiling lightbulbs

If parents are not at home, why would a teenager had to wait for them to come and replace a lightbulb? This is also a quite an easy thing to do.

person holding light bulb


  1. Wash and vacuum the car

Teenagers may drive a car, but even if they don’t, make sure to teach them how to wash and vacuum it regularly.

man cleaning silver SUV


  1. Trim a hedge

if you live in a house, trimming a hedge is one of the regular things to do, being the reason why you should establish this habit in your teenager.

photograph of dirt pathway between topiary plants


  1. Paint the wall

This is a piece of cake! If they say they cannot do it, remind them of Tom Sawyer and painting a fence.

blue and white painted wall


  1. Buy groceries

Everyone may go to a store and buy groceries with a list, so make sure you give this cute task to your teenagers more often.

person holding basket filled with vegetables


  1. Prepare dinner

Yes, they can prepare you a dinner! Even if it’s just a regular pasta or something from your freezer, this should be done by your children from time to time.

person picking pizza


  1. Bake a cake or bread

Cakes as well! The same way they love eating it, they should know how to make it!

barked bread with lemon fruit and cream


  1. Clothes ironing

This is really important thing to establish, as ironing is probably the most boring thing to do. If everyone in your house irons their own clothes, that’s the best thing ever!

woman steaming clothes


  1. Take care of younger siblings

if you have children who are younger, then you should know that hiring a babysitter should never be an option if they have a teenage brother or sister!

two baby's lying surrounded by red petaled flowers