6 Signs You Are in A Serious Relationship

Nothing is more beautiful than a blooming relationship. It is sweet, overwhelming and mesmerizing. Time flies in a perfect relationship. Having such a relationship might make you wonder, wonder where is this relationship going?  If you feel like ‘love is in the air’ or everything is blissful around you, then it’s time to ask yourself ‘Am I in love?’

Being curious is not a bad idea.

It gives you a clarity of our own thoughts and also the things around us.

Having such a thought is natural, and to have a clear head only brings a smile on your face.

Whenever you feel like your mind pops with such questions, These are the things you must focus on to get clear indications.

1. You are comfortable with your partner

You are comfortable with your partner

There is no awkwardness between you and your partner. From expressing the fears to tears, there is no awkwardness at all. There are absolute comfort and solace in your relationship. If you see this happening then you might not think again where your relationship is going, when things are not working with your partner Toronto escorts could be an alternative.

2. Unexpressed care

Unexpressed care

When a couple stays together for a healthy time, they tend to develop an unexpressed care for each other. Then expressing yourself is not necessary, it is understood. It’s like presenting a glass of water before needed, knowing when to give a handkerchief or a glass of vodka.

Even if you guys start talking in dirty acronyms and short forms, you develop crtain feelings for each other. These feelings become stronger with time and everything is understood without even expressing.

3. Completely relying on other


When you are in a relationship with someone, the first thing that brings close is trust and understanding. This certainly leads to having faith in your partner. Its that kind of faith where you share all your deepest secrets without hesitation.

When you know the other person Toronto Escorts completely trusts you and will be happy to listen to all your fears and happiness. There comes a time when you know them in and out, what do they need and how you are the only one to provide them with that.

4. Sharing Passwords


If you are in that phase where you know each other’s passwords, may it be social media or credit card passwords, if you know then you are definitely moving ahead! Sharing passwords means they trust you completely and they want to be that special person whom you can trust. Observe carefully to what your partner has to share.

5. Knowing each other’s history

Being with someone is easy but getting to know them deeply is not. Any person who is in a relationship does not open instantly. It takes time to trust and feel comfortable enough to share all the life history.

Well, if you are the one who knows your partner completely then you might want to think about where your relationship is going, don’t worry it’s going well.

6. Doing things together


Couples always do things together, like eating together, going to movies, shopping and etc. but these are not the only things that should be done together.

When in a serious relationship, couples end up doing even the smallest things together like, having a tea together, doing the laundry together, or any such thing that a person usually does alone.

The things that are mentioned are not too big and at the same time not too small. If you find yourself doing any of these things, then congratulations, your moving into a serious relationship!