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Talking With Beauty Vlogger SunKiss Alba

Current City: New York Occupation: Beauty Vlogger on YouTube Length of Time Organic/In What Areas: A little less than 2 years with food and since January 2014 with beauty Skin Type: Combination/Normal Hair Type: Naturally Curly Website: Twitter Handle: @SunKissAlba Instagram: @SunKissAlba Organic Beauty Talk: Why did you decide to go organic and non-toxic, and how has it changed your overall health and beauty? SunKiss Alba: My first interest

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4 Exfoliating Powders For Fresh Radiant Skin

Exfoliating Powders are wonderful for achieving fresh, radiant and gorgeous glowing skin. Exfoliation is an important aspect of a healthy skincare routine because it removes the layer of dead skin cells on the surface without damaging the delicate tissue underneath. With regular exfoliation, your skin will get its glow back and look more youthful, and your other products will actually absorb into your skin even better. With exfoliating powders, you

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Eco City Spotlight: The Hamptons

Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer season and for many is the last official hurrah for outdoor fun before the fall frenzy sets in. Hopefully your summer has been filled with plenty of beachy and outdoor adventures, farmer’s market finds, and moonlit dining alfresco.  If you have the pleasure of visiting the Hamptons for the holiday or anytime soon, green your travels and cap off your summer with these five eco-friendly and health-minded places:

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Product Talk: Kypris Antioxidant Dew & Moonlight Catalyst Review

There are some products you meet that are love at first sight. From its gorgeous botanical packaging and nourishing holistic formulas to its thoughtful brand story and passionate gracious founder, Kypris is created with intention and care. You feel the love every time you experience the luxurious organic, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown ingredients of Kypris beauty. My Kypris experience & thoughts… Length of Time Products Tested Before Review: 6 months Kypris Antioxidant

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Preventing Perilous Pitfalls: 7 Best Natural Deodorants

The pitfalls of using the wrong deodorant can be perilous. Not just to your health but also to the people that come into close proximity with you when you’ve had a major deodorant fail day. Believe me, it’s not pleasant for anyone when you have one of those days and go to reach for something in a meeting or get ready to give someone a hug only to catch a

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Celebrating Target Made To Matter With SheaMoisture In San Francisco

When I first started my non-toxic beauty and food journey over 13 years ago, the only store that carried greener and better options was Whole Foods. Otherwise, you had to shop online. Fast forward to now and it’s amazing to see almost every commercial grocery store and drugstore with some sort of natural product selection on their shelves. For those of us that have been in this space a long

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