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Beauty Benefits of Coffee for Skincare

Happy International Coffee Day! Research has shown that coffee boasts some beautiful skin benefits like reducing puffiness with its anti-inflammatory properties and brightening/reducing dark under-eye circles by increasing circulation. Coffee is also known to help temporarily reduce cellulite and provide skin smoothing exfoliation which is why we love it in body scrubs. It’s no wonder you should make coffee part of your skincare routine. Here’s four of our beauty favorites

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Top 8 Honey Skincare Standouts

With September being National Honey Month, I’m talking ingredient star honey today. Raw honey is one of my absolute favorite must-have beauty products. I always have honey on hand! From tea and food to skincare and haircare, honey is sweet in everything! I love using a small amount of honey on its own for facial cleansing (a pea to dime size amount is all you need with a little water)

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Talking With Beth Doane, Founder of Raintees

Current City: Los Angeles Occupation: Founder, Raintees Length of Time Organic/What Areas: Organic apparel, organic food and organic skincare for the past 8 years Skin Type: Combination Hair Type: Naturally wavy Website: Twitter Handle: @bethdoane IG: @bethdoane Organic Beauty Talk: Why did you decide to go organic and non-toxic, and how has it changed your overall health and beauty? Beth Doane: When I started researching the apparel industry and

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Join Us For Supernatural Sessions at SXSW Eco

We’re headed to Austin, TX in just a few short weeks to be a part of SXSW Eco’s sustainability discussion and W3LL People’s Supernatural Sessions event. For Supernatural Sessions, we’ll be joined by our non-toxic beauty friends over at No More Dirty Looks, the Environmental Working Group, One Love Organics, Osmia Organics, Aila Cosmetics, and more. Details are below and we hope to see you at Supernatural Sessions in Austin,

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Kjaer Weis Makeup: New for Fall 2014

Kjaer Weis is ready to transition you  into Fall with four new additions to their gorgeous, high-performing, refillable makeup collection—Radiance Highlighter, Embrace Cream Blush, Lover’s Choice Lip Tint and Green Depth Eye Shadow. International makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis has manged to do it once again with universally flattering shades that look good, feel good and are good for both you and the environment. Plus, we can’t get enough of

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Talking With Beauty Vlogger SunKiss Alba

Current City: New York Occupation: Beauty Vlogger on YouTube Length of Time Organic/In What Areas: A little less than 2 years with food and since January 2014 with beauty Skin Type: Combination/Normal Hair Type: Naturally Curly Website: Twitter Handle: @SunKissAlba Instagram: @SunKissAlba Organic Beauty Talk: Why did you decide to go organic and non-toxic, and how has it changed your overall health and beauty? SunKiss Alba: My first interest

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