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Talking Fitness: My Eco Yoga Wear & Routine

For the past year I’ve been routinely practicing yoga and have watched it transform my body and emotions. I’d even go as far to say that I’ve become a better person and version of myself as a result of regularly practicing yoga. And since beauty begins within, anything I’m doing to improve my overall health and blood flow has a direct positive effect on my skin. I’ve grown in my

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Talking With Latham Thomas of Mama Glow

Learn to mother yourself first. Honor your rhythms and establish a glow time practice— a practice of radical self care. Create healthy boundaries to nurture you. Name: Latham Thomas Current City: NYC Occupation: Maternity lifestyle maven & Founder of Mama Glow Length of Time Organic & What Areas: Organic Food, beauty, home, since I was an adult and certainly full steam for about 12-13 years. In and around the time

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Product Talk: W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara Review

This very well may be one of W3LL People’s best products to date! (And I like A LOT of them.) W3LL People got both the formula and the brush right on this one for big, bold lashes with plenty of depth. It’s so good that it’s rivaling for best non-toxic mascara with our beloved Kjaer Weis right now. W3LL People’s Description of their Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara: This boundary breaking

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Talking With Green Beauty Blogger Kim Wallace

Surround yourself with people and things that make you better. Name: Kim Wallace (“Loc” is my middle name!) Current City: Kansas City Occupation: Web & Social Media Editor/Green Beauty Blogger Length of Time Organic & In What Areas: Since 2007 — beauty, spas, food, cleaning supplies, soft home goods, pet care Skin Type: Oily and acne-prone Hair Type: Fine, naturally straight, oily, no colorants Website: Twitter Handle: @kimberlyloc Instagram:

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My Skincare Story & Routine Revealed + GIVEAWAY

Many of you write in to ask what I personally use on my skin so today I’m revealing my own skincare routine. I appreciate all of the compliments I get on my skin but like I tell people (as I’m pointing to my face) “this takes work.” Some of you know my story but for those that don’t, my skin hasn’t always been clear and glowing on its own. Actually,

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Our Fall Shop Is Here

You may remember our Holiday Shop from last year…it was such a hit that we’re bring it back this year, starting with a Fall Shop. Woohoo!! Yes, get gorgeous glowing skin products that work. The shop opens today and will run until Monday, October 27, 2014. Filled once again with only high-performing, non-toxic, hand-crafted and made in the USA beauty products, every product has been tested and approved to work.

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