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Preventing Perilous Pitfalls: 7 Best Natural Deodorants

The pitfalls of using the wrong deodorant can be perilous. Not just to your health but also to the people that come into close proximity with you when you’ve had a major deodorant fail day. Believe me, it’s not pleasant for anyone when you have one of those days and go to reach for something in a meeting or get ready to give someone a hug only to catch a

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Celebrating Target Made To Matter With SheaMoisture In San Francisco

When I first started my non-toxic beauty and food journey over 13 years ago, the only store that carried greener and better options was Whole Foods. Otherwise, you had to shop online. Fast forward to now and it’s amazing to see almost every commercial grocery store and drugstore with some sort of natural product selection on their shelves. For those of us that have been in this space a long

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Link Love: Who Has Us Talking This Week

Some old and some new, these links have us talking this week and we’re giving them major love. Here’s our top 10 link loves for this week (not in any particular order): DIY Natural Hair Conditioners on The Local Rose 6 All Natural Household DIY Cleaners on Living Pretty Naturally What Made Your Summer Hit List on No More Dirty Looks Tasty Thai Cruch Salad + A Major Lesson In

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3 Quick & Easy Natural Hair Removers

You don’t always have time to carve out lengthy salon appointments from your day for waxing nor have it in the budget for this month. You may not even have an organic waxing salon in your area or just like to do it yourself. Whatever the case, here are 3 quick and easy natural hair removers that get the job done right from your home or hotel (if you’re traveling)

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OLO Limited Edition Loves

It’s all love for these One Love Organics limited editions that keep skin and hair radiant, healthy, nourished and refreshed. Available only until September 15, you’ll want to hurry and snag these lovely One Love Organics limited edition products before they run out so you can see for yourself why they have us talking. Gardenia Daily Body Serum, $39 – I’m not sure if I’m more in love with the

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Organic Beet Beauty Smoothie

Smoothie Recipe Key Beauty Ingredient: Raw beets Benefits of Beets:  OMG, make this smoothie ASAP! Not only do beets taste delicious, but the beautiful ruby red color it creates is from the anthocyanins in this sweet and earthy veggie which is a major inflammation fighter. Dealing with a red and puffy complexion? That’s inflammation possibly triggered by free-radical damage. Antioxidants fight this damage, and beets are bursting with them. They

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